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DelBueno is the artistic name of the producer and performer Roque Cabrera.

After finishing the Professional Grade in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, in 2009 he moved to Barcelona to study at the ESMUC (Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya). There he finished his studies in the most classical musical style, with the oboe and saxophone.

Once in Barcelona he began to explore different musical styles. From funky with more complete bands to jazz and electronic trios. Once he finished his higher studies he enters the world of music production and events, becoming part of several independent festivals in 2014.

Continuously learning and developing as an artist and producer he gets to play with a large number of artists of different styles, traveling between Barcelona and the Canary Islands. In 2020 he creates the brand DelBueno and starts his adventure as a music and event producer, where he puts all his knowledge to the test to develop to the limits of imagination any idea he comes up with.

He currently has several products for events, depending on the sector to which he presents himself and begins to generate content for other emerging and consolidated artists.

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DelBueno Productions

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Press Start Live

Press start live

A show based on the visual and sound influences of the video game culture of the 90s. From the Mega Drive and the NES influenced by the current styles of the dance floor in perfect symbiosis with Folklore.

DelBueno Sax

DelBueno presents himself as a saxophonist DJ to make your event an unforgettable musical experience.

Next dates

8 october

L´Amagatall (Corbera)

9 october

Minna Tiel (Múnich)


What about DelBueno?


The experience at the last show was incredible. The mix between electronic music and live instruments gives you sensations that are hard to find nowadays. Frankly, it is worth attending the performance that DelBueno creates on stage.


DelBueno is creative, witty, approachable, intuitive… a musical artist 🎶 with style 👏👏👏👏Bravo DelBueno, you have an angel!!!! 🧚♀️❤️


We conceived our son with Fijoiguá.


Great night in Mogan enjoying the tunes and the mates! Of course @delbueno… Fijo igual!! Breaking the mold


Incredible show, brutal the play of lights and winds, I had never seen a concert where so many effects were combined with a live performance.




Hands up to DelBueno! Incredible!!


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